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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sizzling Mushrooms

When a person says he hates mushroom then we must believe it, right? 


Some people say they hate certain type of food without ever tasting it and my nephew is one of them. The minute he heard that I was to make mushroom he started to hunt for take-away-menu card to order the food from outside. It took lot of persistence and muscle power to make him wait and decide after he has tasted the dish.

The aroma from the cooking pot escaped from kitchen to the room where he was watching TV and distracted him. When the sizzling plate arrived at the dining table, he watched slyly at the other members relishing the taste.

 “Okay, I will taste a bit, although I don’t think I will like it much” he said as he took a spoonful of cooked mushroom to ‘just taste

Soon, he was grabbing second serving and then the third and finally, “Why do you cook so little?” he said.

Sizzling Mushroom


1 tsp olive oil
6 cloves garlic (crushed)
6 green chilies (cut diagonally)
500 grams Mushrooms (halved)
2 capsicum (chopped length wise)
4 medium size spring onions (chopped length wise)
1 tsp Salt
½ tsp black pepper
1 tsp corn flour in 1 cup of water
8 cabbage leaves (steamed)

Lets Cook

On a high flame, keep sizzler plate for heating.

In a wok, stir fry garlic and chilies in oil, add mushroom and stir well. Add capsicum and spring onion, add salt and black pepper. Make a solution of corn flour and pour it over mushroom, stir till sauce is thick and creamy.

Move the red-hot sizzler plate on the wooden tray. Arrange the steamed cabbage leaves at the base. Pour the mushroom in sauce over the cabbage and add the oil-water mixture on the plate to make it sizzle.

Serve with garlic bread. 


Ozymandias said...

made it at home. It was great, although we had to improvise with a heated frying pan and a wooden plank. Where do you get these sizzler utensils?

Anonymous said...

I probably was in category of your nephew. Until I tried the mushrooms, I actually love it. Its my favourite in a vegeatatian dish.Nice recipe!

pushpee said...

Thanks Ozy, hope u got ur sizzler's plate at Arife or at crawford market..happy cooking :))

Thank you Exquisiteniche. for ur visit...glad u liked it, come again :))

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