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Monday, December 12, 2011

Potluck Party to Celebrate Terra Madre Day

People in Kenya revived the tradition of cooking in the earthenware pots, People in Istanbul gathered to discuss the importance of wheat as ‘Our wheat, our history’ Some people had honey festival, some people celebrated with workshops, art and discussion on seed and garden food, all the food-conscious people who wanted to revive the age-old tradition were celebrating around the world, a day called Terra Madre day. 

The worldwide Terra Madre network is working to create an alternative model of food production and consumption, in line with Slow Food's philosophy of good, clean and fair, good for our palate, clean for humans, animals and the environment, and fair for producers and consumers. 

10th December was Terra Madre day and it was going to be celebrated in my town, in Mumbai too.

A group of Mumbai food bloggers would cook traditional regional dish and enjoy the potluck party at one of the bloggers’ terrace. Rushina, our mentor brought all the food blogger together to celebrate this day. Nikhil Merchant was kind enough to do us the honor of sharing his terrace as a perfect venue to celebrate this event. The theme for this potluck was unusual traditional dishes from regional cuisines of India.

At 8pm, I arrived at Nikhil’s terrace to enjoy the potluck party. It was a full moon night and food bloggers had gathered in smaller groups, some sitting on a swing, some around the pool table, some near the drinks bar and some closer to the serving tables to enjoy their multiple visits for each serving, all enjoying the food and clicking their best shots. Everybody was excited sharing their dish, talking about its history and food culture associated with that particular cuisine. It was interesting to listen to other food blogger relating their story and some were happy to share their recipe too.

 I had brought with me the traditional mutton dish. It is the spicy dish cooked in cardamom and black pepper.

This is the traditional Sindhi dish and has been relished since Sindh days, when my family lived in Pakisthan, before the 1947 partition days. Mutton is stir fried in ghee with black pepper and cardamom till it is properly coated with the ingredients. Spinach, tomatoes, green chilies, ginger, coriander powder and salt is added and it is allowed to cook till all the juice dries up. It is then mixed and stirred till the oil begins to float. One cup of water is added and it is allowed to simmer till it is tender. Chopped coriander leaves, black pepper and lime juice is added before serving. This is a very healthy dish and tastes good when served with a buttered Bhakri roti

Talking about food makes one more hungry, and I shifted my gaze towards the drinks station, some were enjoying varied combinations of the drinks I am not familiar with. I stuck to my usual fresh juice.

 Finger food is what I am fond of and most of the parties that I attend; I normally have my fill on snacks.

 There was a huge variety of main dishes, just spoonful of each was not doing justice to the food, but since that was the only way that I would be able to taste all the dishes, I tasted as many dishes as I could.

 I am not a desert person; therefore, at desert station it was just tiny-viny bits to taste the flavor.

 The best part of this event was the take-away goodies which were on and under the Christmas tree. The cookies and goodies hung on the tree, sauces, masalas and sweets packed in beautiful packets surrounded the tree.

 I met some interesting people, made new friends and came back with happy memories of the event spent with like-minded people.

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