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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fratelli Wine Tasting Master Class

The glass of wine kept appearing at our table, one by one, red wine, white wine, each distinct in taste. The waiter came around with the plate of assorted cheese, bacon and toasted breads. It was the fifth glass of wine. Although I had taken just few sips from each glass, (only to taste,) I could feel my head heavy. I still had shopping to do after the wine-tasting event. I stretched my hand to eat something, hoping that munching would dilute the dizziness.. While I nibbled on olives and bread, sixth glass arrived. Stop, I send the glass away. The person sitting next to me, moved his gaze in my direction and smiled.

Did I drink too much to draw his attention? But the event was on tasting different wine. I was at Nature Basket on invite from Fratelli Wine and I was there to taste different wine and get some knowledge on this brand.

It was an interesting event and quite informative too.

Mr. Craig Wedge would smell each glass, shake it, and take a long sip.”You should shake to aerate it, to put oxygen into the wine” he explained. It was interesting to observe how the wine coats the side of glass., the thicker streaks that seem to run down the glass indicates the higher level of alcohol.  “A good wine should smell like a female perfume, it should be clear, crisp and shine like a diamond.” He said, holding the wine glass up in the air.

He explained that the first impression is on its visual impact of its charity, brilliance and cleanliness.

White wines vary in color from clear to yellow to golden brown. As white wine ages, it will lose color and begin to turn browner color.

Red wines vary from red to purple to dark reddish brown. As red wine ages, it will lose color and begin to turn browner color.

The main factors that affect the color of wine depends on the grapes variety, the age of the wine and the amount of time the wine spends in oak barrel. You cannot make good wine from bad grapes. If it tastes stale (like nail polish) you need to throw it away.

The wines that appeared on my table were quite delicious. Mr Fabio Zardetto, the Maestro himself, took us through the the journey of wine culture through his presentation briefing us about Italian passion.

It was an perfect afternoon, tasting wine while studying the finer points behind the Fratelli Wines – Hand-crafted wines by Tuscan icon Piero Masi.

Fratelli wines currently consists of 18 various labels, I taste six varieties, each distinct in its taste.

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