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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Theobroma - a Patisserie in Bandra

A good patisserie should not only have a friendly staff but should also be very clean and hygienic.

Last week I went to buy some pastries and was quite impressed with the pastry shop that I visited here in Spain, where I have come to spend some time.

“May I click your picture” said I and they stopped to pose for me.

Some people sat at the back enjoying chitchat and their midday meal.

I am reminded of the similar patisserie back home in Bandra too.

My friend often goes to this shop after 9pm to buy the bread or pastries, she says that they are sold at half the rate to finish the remaining stock of the day.

This is Theobroma, just off Linking road, opposite KFC.

After receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Indian Federation of Culinary Associates this year, the following month Kainaz Messman spoke at the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce: "Our success formula is simple, yet it is a difficult balance to get right. We offer a good product at an honest price and have a genuine desire to please. We don’t always get it right but we cannot be accused of not trying. We work endlessly to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We judge our own success by the positive comments that come our way and feel genuinely hurt, tired and miserable when the feedback is negative. We serve smiles on a plate and that does make our job a whole lot easier but make no mistake, we work very very very hard for those smiles.

When the owner of Theobroma at Bandra outlet, Kainez Messman talks about the toils and joys of satisfying Mumbai’s sweet tooth, does she also do the quality control? Do we have regular inspections for watching the hygiene and the service of these eating-places?

“Cockroach in my Theobroma hot chocolate! Icky feeling! Not going back” screamed my friend Jhumur on her facebook status.

I asked her whether she complained to the management, and she says that she did but they didn't seem too bothered but after she stared at them like a stubborn mule, they waived off her bill

But not all complain.

A twitter friend, Nitishta found hair in her coffee. Disgusted, she just quietly ordered a fresh one and left'

Would they go again?

"Oh yes." says her friend Poppin "But then again, their blue berry cheese cake gives them the biased forgiveness."

A food blogger who visited this place was disappointed too. You can never fool a food blogger who knows exactly what Kejriwal and Akuri looks and tastes like, Give a different name, if you cannot replicate it, but when people come to eat a particular dish, they expect authenticity.

S Mukerjee says “I knew it! Went there last Wednesday for brekkie and u had to see the confusion, sloppy service and the way the fresh stock was lying around open to the elements in plastic crates- like sabji in a market. I just had a smoothie after seeing the stuff lying around like that..yuckkk”

One thing the management should realize is that the client is not a fool. He will eat the unhygienic food on the road if he wants a quick bite, but if he is walking through those shiny glass doors, and willingly to pay the price, he expects quality and service too.

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Sylvia Khan said...

I have been buying food and relishing both food and service at Theobroma for years. Never found a mess or a cockroach ! Kudos to Kainaz and friends on doing a great job !

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