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Monday, January 23, 2012

Pesto with a Twist

The other day, I went to the supermarket and saw various bottles of pesto. Picked up one and checked for date, it was beyond expiry date, kept it back. Picked another bottle and checked the price…my eyes popped out..a small bottle of pesto was around Rs300…gosh! sure is rich-men’s food, how will common man eat?

Well! A commoner like me does eat it when I can make it on my own in the comfort of my home. I relish these kinds of food but then I always believe that what we like we should be able to make it…..

And it is so easy to make, all we need is the right ingredients, little time to spend in the kitchen and little creativity. I checked few sites and few u-tube presentations, learnt the basics and then decided to make my own version to suit my palate..

So off I was, on my way to kitchen, making the first ever pesto……

Step 1: 
Collect all the ingredients such as 7-8 pods garlic, 4 red chilies, 2 green chilies, 1 cup basil leaves, 2 tbsp pine nuts, 20grams cheese and 4 tbsp olive oil

Step 2
Chop together basil and garlic

Step 3
Add Pine nuts and chop it again, mixing with basil n garlic

Step 4
Add Red and Green Chilies and chop it again into the mixture

Step 5
Grate the cheese and mix it 

Step 6
Transfer the mixture into the clean and sterilized bottle

Step 7
Add Olive oil on the top

Step 8
Store it in the refrigerator

Best enjoyed with boiled macaroni, mix the pesto with macaroni and top it with stir fried mixed vegetables

The stir fried vegetables I have made many times, remember this?


Ansh said...

Its totally worth it to make our own pesto. There is no reason to buy a bottled overpriced goop when we can make it fresh!! Yours looks yummy Di. Pine nuts make it so nutty and flavorful!

Square Meals said...

Nice! You could also try blending the mixture for a more sauce like texture :-)

Aparna from Square Meals

pushpee said...

Thank Ansh..its yummy with pine nuts :)

Next time will make it saucy Aparna :)

Thank you so much!

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