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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vegetarian Noodle Soup

Nothing is more satisfying than the bowl of soup especially on a day when I am too confused to cook anything else

For me, soup is not just ripping off the packet of Maggi, (or any other soup packets like Wai-Wai or Mama), and cooking as instructed on the wrapper.

 Nah! I make it into a full meal, more appetizing and more nutritious.

 On one flame I have water boiling with the ingredients like oil, red chillie powder and dehydrated vegetables, that were included in the noodles packet.

 I have another pan on a high flame where I stir fry garlic, dried red chillies, green/red/yellow pepper, carrots, mushrooms, baby corn, onions, etc

 Just for a minute I stir fry all the fresh vegetables on a high flame till the aroma sizzles me and then off they go, dumped into the clear soup.

 I squeeze out the lime juice, add chilly sauce and mushroom sauce and taste a spoonful to check if it's okay.

 When I am ready to eat, I take a clean bowl, empty the noodles from the packet, pour the hot soup over it and garnish it will basil leaves.

 So while contestants are busy producing innovative dishes on Master Chef, here I am savoring my noodle soup, and not drooling a wee bit while watching that colorful and fancy cuisine.

 Other foodies are also making innovative dishes and sharing their recipes with Master Chef India, should be interesting I am sure!

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