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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paella Making Ritual on the street of Malaga, Spain

In my earlier post I have discussed about the Paella making festival in Spain where a big rice dish is made in the middle of the road for the whole neighborhood. The whole community cooks together and eat with much dancing and merry making. 

My cousin who lives in Malaga was kind enough to share the photographs of this festival that took place this year.

A complete Paella dish contains assorted vegetables, assorted sea food, assorted meat and it is topped with shrimps and clams.

Paella is made in huge paella pan and a big group of chefs contribute their help, it is served with bread and wine

While the paella is simmering, the folk are busy with fiesta of music and dance

Thank you Johnny Shahdadpuri for sharing your pictures with me.

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