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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk Spready

Interesting afternoon at Courtyard by Marriot Mumbai hosted by The FBAI, Mondelez India and Zeba Kohli..

 There was a dramatic launch of Cadbury Cookbook with music, lights and claps. The book promises chocolate to life and it covers everything. Seventy recipes are created and curated  by chocolatier Zeba Kohli for Cadbury’s 70 years of joy in India.

"Chocolate gives a moment of Love" says Zeba Koli, a science student who went on to join the 70years old family business of chocolates.

Pieces of chocolate cake were distributed to few people in the audience and they were asked to identify the product used in the cake.

But wait a minute..Zeba narrated a proper way to eating chocolates...

"You don't just dump the pieces of chocolate in your mouth for a quick has firstly to be held at arms-length, look at it, bring it closer till you squint and take in its fragrance..inhale..take a small bite- slowly- do not rush chocolates, let it go down the throat, let it roll around your palate, savour its taste, let it hit you and then you exhale with a sound and thats when you taste  the ingredient."...of course the product that was used was chocolate Spready

The event was about  a product launch of chocolate Spready

Spready is one of the fastest growing snacking segment in India. Anil Vishwanathan, marketing director of Mondelez said that he believes that this format enables them to enter consumer’s homes and their kitchens and be part of their in-home consumption experience.  It is a growing trend so naturally there is curiosity of using it innovational to make some interesting snacks. There is opportunity to experiment new recipes with this product.

This was followed by live cook-off  by four participants using Cadbury spready, nuts, ice cream, bread, etc. Participants were quite creative, using the ingredients to make sandwiches, rolls, multi-layered cakes. The winner MsPooja was awarded with Chocolate Cookbook on the cliteria of presentation of the dish, balance of the ingredients used and the taste.

In question-answer session, people wanted to know when they will come out with diabetic-friendly chocolates (very soon they said) and how much chocolate is moderate for children (limited) and whether it is already on market shelves

Yes it Rs200... the Cadbury Spready is there on the food shelf...go grab it and get creative...or..may be.. just dip your thumb into Spready and enjoy the taste..!!

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