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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Exercising Away To FBAI Dialogues- A Conference: Part Two’

Hope you are back here again to read the second part of my blog on the event that I attended. 

One thing good about this conference was that It was very vibrant and entertaining. There were many distraction to keep you away from dozing off. For example- on each table, there was a box of ‘Soul flower’ emitting heady fragrance, there was a beautiful lilly at the table- a feast for the eye..then there was an hand santizer by Godrej, some sweets, water by Kelzai….all reminding us of the sponsors of this event. And also there were Zumba and Bollywood music to dance away the blues.

And the talks were interesting too

David Cananzi- F&B Wizard spoke about Curation of healthy menus at home. In India, we have privilege of having fresh vegetables and fruits, we should use it to our advantage. He spoke about most important facts that you must include in our daily diet. He stressed the need to cook with your soul, it must suit your life style, you must know your ingredients - their taste and their nutrient value, use fresh vegetables. If you have to save it, store it in freezer to retain their freshness. “If you wish to be healthy, you must follow your instinct” he said.

Rachna Chhachi – nutritionalist and cancer coach, cures people without medicines and works with autistic people. Its all about lifestyles that you adapt to discipline your mind. Reduce the quantity of food, don’t overeat, eat 30% less. Look at your plate, half of it should be raw. Eat right oil and fat, include nuts in your daily diet. Keep everything in view and think what you want to do. Take fresh look at why you need to be happy.. Nutrition, exercise and sleep are investment plan for health. Believe in 8 hours sleep, enjoy healthy meal and avoid junk food. “Learn to chill-enjoy your own company, eat slowly and enjoy food” she said.

Eefa Shrof- A fitness and lifestyle coach spoke about mind-body fitness. Being thin does not mean that you are fit. You can be thin but not healthy, you can be fat but healthy. Ask yourself as to why you wish to be thin? And if your reasons are convincing you to become thin that should inspire you to loose weight. Most importantly, remember that heart should be taken care of and you don’t have to reduce muscles to become thin. Follow the advise of an experienced trainer. “In giving out exercise and nutrition programs, a trainer aims to help, not please the client” said she.

Ranveer Brar – spoke about how he keeps fit as a celebrity chef. People ask him as to how can he be a foodie and still be thin?. He said that prayers can give fitness of the soul, but eating the right food at the right time gives fitness to the body. We were sent in this world to be happy and food is the essential instrument to happiness. Our ancient wisdom understood that food was the key. We all have memories of our grandmother who told us what and when to eat, without giving any reasons. Even if you protested and asked for answer, she would just nod and ask us to follow because she believed it. In today’s world we look for answers for any myth that has been passed down through centuries. We believe only if it is confirmed by western philosophy. We have to understand our relation with food. It doesn’t have to be tasty, it should also be nutritious. You must know its reaction and its usefulness to your body.”A true foodie will find the medicinal value of food, believe and find its nutritional value too.” He said.

Saloni Malkani hosted a Panel discussion on re-imaging modern Kitchen with Kalyan Karmakar, Smita Deo, Sujit Patil and Vaishali Shah.  Kitchens have changed a lot over the years. It used to be gathering place for whole family and now it is small space, specially in big cities. Kitchen should reflect who you are, the way you have styled it. The display of food jars, ingredients, gadjets that you use and the vairiety of things that one sees in your kitchen reflects your identity. Vaishali spoke about how she has remodeled her bedroom into one big kitchen where whole family meets. “Kitchen won’t be seen as close spaces in future, but as an open place for the whole family to meet” said Vaisali Lahoti Shah, the lead designer of Godrej Interiors.

Rushina Ghildiyal, the food consultant spoke about substituting Indian ingredients for exotic ones. Instead of cutting on food, its better to exercise. If we are grown up eating certain kinds of food, we tend to stick to that. The fact is that we don’t market our own products, we have forgotten to eat grains such as Millet, Ragi, which is more healthy. We should eat more protiens and eat food that is grown locally in your country, if we don’t buy local food then farmers might stop farming and move on to different profession. Just because certain food works best in certain eco system and envirnoment, it may not necessarily work for you in your country. “Its all about adapting knowledge. Whatever is suitable for you, use it to adapt to your parameters.” She said,

The day ended with Rumba. Music is not only for dancing at the discos. It can be adapted as an exercise for healthy living and lifestyle.

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