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Friday, April 10, 2015

Maharastrian Food Festival at House Of Asia

There was a time, when large families would sit on the floor and enjoy the food together. The food was normally a traditional one and cooked with specific spices to give it an authentic taste. Everything has changed now. People opt for global fusion. It is difficult to sit on the floor and large families hardly get together unless there is a family wedding.

However such atmosphere can be created during food festivals, like the one I experienced at ‘Taste Of Asia’ at Mirador Hotel at Chakala (Andheri East) at the newest food festival called Pangat.

The low tables have been set on the floor and there is a colorful rangoli designed around the tables.

I was told that there would be waiters, women dressed in traditional Maharastrian costume of 9 yard saree and a beaded nose ring, men would be dressed in long kurtas and pajamas. They will be personally serving food at the low tables. A corner has been set up for live music of traditional Marathi folk songs.

It seems like a perfect set-up. I would have been happier if I was invited during the festival to mingle in the crowd and experience the event itself, but I was here to sample the food that would be served during the festival.

Here is what food will be served during the festival

Welcome drink:
Kairiche panhe

Tamate cha Saar (tang y tomato soup)
Khekdyche saar (crab soup)

Starters: (veg)
Kothmir chi Vadi (steamed coriander cakes)
Dalimb Batate (tangy potato patty with pomegranate seeds)
Kelfulache Vade (banana flower fritters)
Starters non veg:
Jeerameerichi kombdi (chk wt roast jeera,black pepper)
Makli masala (squids masala)
Tawache Bombil (grilled Bombay duck)

Bharleli Vangi (stuffed brinjal)
Mixed Ussal (mixed lentils prep)
Kairichi kadi (raw mango curry)
Kombdiche sukkhe (dry chk prep)
Pandhra Rassa (kolhapuri mutton prep)
Masala bhaat
Tandul chi bhakri (rice flour bread)

Kaliya til chi chutney (black sesame seeds chutney)
Hirwa mirchi cha theecha
Lal mirchi teecha
Raw mango chutney
Sweet tamarind chutney

Puran poli
Olya naral chi karanji

I would go light on snacks and drinks, because the main food is extremely delicious and is truly authentic.

The Maharastrian food festival will be on from April 10th to 16th April 2015, 7pm onwards.
Venue: House Of Asia at Mirador Hotel, Chakala (Andheri East)

Cost is Rs900 (inclusive of all taxes)

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