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Monday, March 9, 2015

Assam Tea Party

When friends come home to spend a day, most of the time is spent chatting and eating. This Holi festival, when my friends came home for lunch, we had karaoke afternoon. This is a fun activity, much better than board games or poker. Believe me! We let our hair loose and sang songs like there was no tomorrow. Who cares if there is talent or not? The words flash on the screen with background music and all we have to do is read the words in musical tone. Some of us were reading in poetry form and that was the fun part because most of the songs are popular for their lyrics. This is one group activity where the singer is so engrossed in singing that they don’t care if friends laugh when they sing off tune. It was the afternoon of pure fun and laughter.

The hours ticked quickly and soon it was teatime.

A box of ‘assam1860’ had arrived by courier some days ago, there were about one dozen tea pouches and a small sachet with a zip lock of loose tea leaves (fine round pebbles, black and smooth). I was asked to give my feedback.

What is the fun of trying out a new brand of tea all alone? I found an opportunity to try this brand that afternoon with my group of friends.

Here is what assam1860 has to say about this:

Assam1860 is the single origin and unblended tea sourced from a family-owned tea estate of James Warren in the South Bank of Assam. All leaves are carefully handpicked, lightly cut and allowed to ferment before being dried. Unlike other teas, this tea reaches the market almost as soon as it is plucked, so it remains fresh and juicy.

Normally, when I make tea, I also add ginger and cardamom, but this time, we decided to taste the tea in its unblended form. I just added milk and sugar. Friends loved it. It is robust, flavored, refreshing, strong, it has good aroma. We didn’t miss the regular spices, it had rich taste of its own.

Some of my friends tried the tea pouches

The teabags need not be kept in the hot cup of water too long, dip it and remove it, because it is quite strong’ said my friend who tried the tea pouch “It is not a green tea, mind you, its black.” It is different in the sense that most of the teas available in market are multi-origins.

If you are a tea person and like to taste the different brands do try this one too, you might adopt it.

This product was sent to me complimentary from assam1860. I have shared an honest and unbiased account of my experience.

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