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Thursday, September 4, 2014

My #Sindhicuisine travels around the world.

The greatest news I got today was that my book went international and is now available worldwide in kindle version at

I launched my book from Krabi, in Thailand, while I was there to attend a family wedding. Family and friends from all over the world came to attend, I found a perfect opportunity to launch my book from there.

The interest was aroused on the first day itself. Everybody wanted a copy of it. I had never expected so much demand.

#SindhiCuisine has very simple recipes targeted towards younger generation who have grown up enjoying grandma’s cuisine.

Your book is a great treasure for my children” said one of my friends who bought my book. “You have made cooking easy for them, because kids nowadays are not into cooking and they need to learn Sindhi Cuisine, especially those dishes that they used to enjoy during their holiday trips to Grandma’s house.”

People have bought my book and sent in their testimonies.

While in India, Indian sweets are easily available at sweet stores but Sindhis living abroad normally make Mithais at home. Greatest joy was when four women from Manila(phillipines) prepared Bugal Mawa, garnished with chopped nuts and kept as offering during Ganesha festival.  I am very happy that people have started making dishes following the recipe from my book and are enjoying it.

The good news is that Sindhi food recipes are not just enjoyed by Sindhis, other community are discovering the taste too. My food blogger friend Purabi Neha tried few recipes. She writes:

“Those flavours and masala blends which I had not experimented much, are now a part of my meal. For example, sprinkling garam masala at the end of cooking an Indian dish is very common, but there is this traditional Sindhi masala blend of roasted and powdered caraway seeds and cardamom, which I especially fell in love with. Of course, the Sindhi garam masala itself is full of a magnetic aroma. My newfound passion is trying out Sindhi dishes now: thanks to Pushpee Moorjani’s cookbook, which features more than 100 traditional recipes.” Read her complete review on her blog at Cosmopolitan Curry Mania 

She tried Badam puri and her family loved it.

Picture source

 Unfortunately, my book has no visual delight. To keep the cost low, there are no pictures at all. But not too disappointed indeed. People who tried the recipes started sending me pictures, and that gave me an idea of creating an album on #SindhiCusine at Pinterest. I keep adding pictures whenever somebody tries the recipe from my book, that’s great fun…Do visit my album on #SindhiCuisine at Pinterest.

 It gives me great pleasure to see my book in Sindhi homes. My siblings and my cousins are the happiest to see my mom’s recipes in print. They are transported to those days when mom happily churned out the most delicious food for them. “The taste is same, exactly like it used to be” they say whenever they try a recipe from my book on #SindhiCuisine.

 And why not…these are my mom’s authentic recipes that she used to cook long before pre-partition days. I have just compiled them to share it with the world…they are not mine…… It’s a tribute to my Mom’s cooking, to keep her memories alive.. Forever..

A leaflet from #SindhiCuisine

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