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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Shahi Spicy Dip

I cannot remember eating dip during my growing up years. There were chutneys and pickles but never dip. 
The closest thing that resembled dip was Raita that mom made regularly. Sometimes she added roasted brinjals, and sometimes boiled Spinach, other times it was cucumber and sometimes fried bhoondi. Mom was very creative and she would experiment with different combinations on food and try to change my ‘dislike’ of some vegetables into ‘likes’ by inventing new dishes.
For example, I did not like Kadhu and its whole seeded family, and mom knew it, so she would hide (that’s what she believed that she could make me eat the vegetables that I disliked if they were disguised) Kadhu with lots of Chana dhal or mix it with other vegetables and make kofta. Many times, she would ask me after I have eaten her disguised meals if I knew there was Kadhu in it. Ah well….
But coming back to dips, I was first introduced to dip during my trip to Spain, where I was invited for a ladies party. The dip was served with neatly sliced carrots, cucumber and radish, cut in long strips. The flavor of sour and spicy dip with fresh vegetables did the trick and I soon became interested in learning more about these dips.
On Googling and on visiting various blogs, I realized that dip is just the chutney with hung curd. 
So actually it is curd with water squeezed out and ground with different ingredients, mom would love this…..wish she were alive…
Anyways, I have inherited few of Mom’s traits and creativity is one of them.
So here is my creation of this Shahi spicy dip that I made during this Diwali festival and distributed to my friends and cousins who don’t appreciate sweets.
 Shahi Spicy Dip

200grams curds
6pcs of almonds
6pcs of pistachio
6pcs of walnuts
12pods of garlic
6red chilies
50grms basil leaves

1tbsp of grated cheese
1tsp 5spice powder
1tsp lime juice
4tbsp olive oil
1tbsp sesame oil
Step 1
Tie the curd in a cloth and hang it for an hour till all the water drains off
 In a mixie grind the dry fruits and keep it aside
 Grind together garlic, chilies, basil leaves
 Add the hung curd, cheese and ground dry fruits
 Add a teaspoon of 5spice powder
Step 6
Add salt and lime juice
 Add sesame seeds oil and olive oil
 Before serving, mix it well, transfer in a serving bowl, add 1tbsp of olive oil and serve with corn chips.

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