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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best International Street Food - part 1

I am participating in selecting the best street food that I have tasted during my travels.

There are Eight eastern dishes on displayed here

I have not tasted all unfortunately, okay I shall make that in y wish-list.

But the street food that I have tasted are

Arepera...a street food from Mexico, which is a crusty bread made of corn flour and milk and is deep fried, then slit and stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and assorted meat or veg patties.

Falafel... , a street food from middle east, on Cairo streets, a sandwich of pita bread stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, Tahini and deep fried Chickpea and Fava beans balls and served with salad and pickle.

Hotdogs... a street food of America, bread sandwich stuff with sausages, mustard sauce, tomato sauce, fried onions, grated cheese and crispy potato chips

Dosa.. street food of India, wafer thin crape made of rice and lentil and stuffed with cooked vegetable of potato and onion and served with coconut chutney.

I do like all of these but on round one I vote for Arepera.

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