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Friday, June 15, 2012

Food For All

In my life, I have met many talented people, some of them are so blessed that they never have to worry about themselves at all because the resources that they have will keep them floating in happiness for the rest of their lives. But there are some who are not so fortunate. They are deprived of opportunities mainly because of their ignorance, because they do not know the know-how, the real techniques of making their life worthwhile, of finding a proper guide who can teach them how the natural resources can be used effectively.
Most of the people are very secretive about the methods they use for growing vegetables and for their recipes. True, your own recipe will be your pride and you want it to be your signature recipe. You want to be recognized by your creation of a new dish. But sharing is caring.

There is a story of Chandrani, who lives in the rural area of Sri Lanka. I came across this site which promises future of hunger free for poor. Oxfam is supporting women like Chandrani to start home gardening businesses. With the right seeds, tools and knowledge,Chandrani has created a successful vegetable garden, growing beans, capsicum, beetroot, spinach, radish and more. She’s producing enough food to feed her three children and is earning an income by selling the surplus.
We can help too, by teaching people how to become self sufficient. In the city like Mumbai where there is hardly any open space left, we don’t have the luxury of owning a kitchen garden. Maybe, we can share the tips on how to plant organic vegetables in our balcony?

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