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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spanish omelet called ‘Tortilla’

In my earlier post on this blog I had discussed myromance with eggs in details

Egg is my all time favorite and I eat it three times a week, mainly for breakfast, with sunny side up. I like other styles too, only if they are peppered with hot chilies. But I enjoy Spanish Omelet the most.

I normally add everything that is in my fridge that could include chicken, ham, prawns, mushrooms, olives, onions, green chilies, capsicum or anything that I fancy at that time. It makes a complete meal.

So this month, when I had a guest from Spanish speaking country, Panama, I couldn’t resist on feasting on Spanish omelet called ‘Tortilla’

The trick to making a perfect Tortilla is to have proper accessories. The fry-pan should have a curved base for omelet to slide out easily and it will be better if you have an omelet flipper which is also known as giratortilla.

This is a large round plate very similar to a pan lid, with a knob in the centre to hold as you flip your omelets. I had purchased this during my last trip to Spain and it is very handy and light weight.

The ingredients required to make a plain Spanish omelet are 6 eggs, 3 boiled potatoes, 2 large finely chopped onions (if you are using other ingredients as well, then one chopped onion should be enough.)

The beating of the egg till they are light and fluffy is the essential part of the technique.

Transfer the half portion of the beaten eggs into the frying pan

Arrange the sliced boiled potatoes

Put the onion, green chilies and coriander leaves and the rest of the ingredients (if you are using meat and sea food)

Let it cook on low heat and then flip it over on the flipper

Transfer the rest of the beaten eggs into the fry pan

Arrange more onions on it

Slide off the other half of the cooked potato-egg from the flipper into the fry pan.

Cook till set.

Slice and serve with sauce and drinks.


Ansh said...

Oh delicious. I made a masala fritata for breakfast today.

I love the addition of boiled potatoes in this.

hyd said...

Yummy!!!! Bookmarked the site…

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Puneflowersdelivery said...

what a terrific and super tempting recipe.

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