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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food Demo at Kala Ghoda festival

When I reached 5-All Day restaurant, Apollo hotel, there were just few people inside the room. It was still early, fifteen minutes before the hall would fill up. Small group of women sat discussing the menu. The chairs were arranged in ten rows which could seat about 80 people. I took the seat closer to the work-station. I was to attend the demonstration of Tartine at Kala Ghoda Festival that was hosted by ‘Le PainQuotidien’ the bakery-cafĂ©.

The table was laden with different kinds of sauces, breads, and other ingredients that the chef would use during the demonstration. A big screen dominated one corner of the room, which would be ideal for people sitting at the back to be able to view the demonstration clearly.

A senior couple sat next to me. They included me into their conversation, informing me the citation of all the events that they would be attending during the 9 days festival, their favorite being food and literature. Gradually the hall began to fill up, all the seats were occupied and there were about dozen standees. Each person was given the menu, recipe card and one pair of muffins. The evening looked good. It is important to watch food demonstration on a full stomach to be able to concentrate on the tutorials.

I munched on muffins.Soft and sweet, they melted easily after the first bite flooding my mouth with sweetness.

With brief introduction of the chef, the restaurant and about the festival, the demonstration began. All eyes fixed on the big screen and an occasional glances at the chef, we all sat enthralled watching each dish, drooling on every presentation.

Chicken and Pesto Tartine with Brie cheese &Pears

  1. 1.     Chop the roasted chicken breast into cubes and add pesto (basil+oliveoil+salt+pepper) and Mayonnaise to make chicken-pesto mix.
    2.     Apply butter to the toasted bread.
    3.     Spread the chicken-pesto-mayonnaise mix.
    4.     Place the sliced Brie cheese on it.
    5.     Place thinly sliced pears on.
    6.     Cut into triangles.
    7.     Insert sliced cucumber and thinly sliced radish between the triangles.
    8.     Spread chopped tomatoes on it.
    9.     Add more pesto sauce on it.
    10.   Decorate it with rocket leaves and parsley.
    11.   Serve it cold

Roasted Chicken &Smoked Mozzarella Tartine with Basil Pesto & Tomato

  1. 1.     Thinly slice the roasted chicken.
    2.     Apply butter to the toasted bread.
    3.     Arrange the thinly sliced chicken on the bread.
    4.     Spread thinly sliced green apples over it.
    5.     Cover it with thinly sliced smoked mozzarella.
    6.     Put it in the oven for 5 minutes or till the cheese has melted.
    7.     Cut it into triangles.
    8.     Insert thinly sliced cucumber and thinly sliced red radish between the triangles.  
    9.     Drizzle basil pesto on the top.
    10.   Add chopped tomatoes.
    11.   Decorate with arugula leaves and dill sprig.

    Mushroom & Chevre Tartine with Balsamic Peppers.

  1. .     Make the mixture of chopped mushrooms and white sauce.(butter+flour+milk).
    2.     Roast (red+green+yellow) pepper, remove the skin and thinly slice them.
    3.     Mix Balsamic vinegar and salt to it.
    4.     Butter the toasted bread.
    5.     Apply the mushroom mixture to it.
    6.     Cover it with balsamic roasted pepper juliennes,
    7.     Sprinkle goat cheese on the top.
    8.     Bake it for 5 minutes.
    9.     Cut the bread into triangles.
    10.   Insert thinly sliced cucumber and thinly sliced radish between the triangles.
    11.   Place arugula leaves on the top.
    12.   Decorate with salad leaves.

Buffalo Mozzarella Tartine With Olive Spread And Marinated Tomatoes

  1.      Thinly slice the tomatoes and Buffalo Mozzarella cheese.
    2.     Toast the wheat bread.
    3.     Apply butter and black olive paste (Olive tapenade) evenly on the bread.
    4.     Arrange tomatoes, mozzarella slices and arugula leaves alternately.
    5.     Bake it for 5 minutes till the cheese melts.
    6.     Cut it into triangles.
    7.     Drizzle basil pesto on it.
    8.     Garnish with thinly sliced cucumber and radish.
    9.     Serve warm.
Mint Lemonade

  1.      Make the basic mixture using 30ml orange juice, 40 ml lime juice, 150ml water and sugar syrup.
    2.     Take a heavy bottom glass and muddle a few sprigs of mint leaves in it.
    3.     Add little hot water to the mint sprigs and allow it to seep for few minutes.
    4.     Add ice to fill up glass.
    5.     Add the lime-orange mixture. 

With demonstration complete it was time to feast.

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