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Monday, December 1, 2014

An Exotic Vegetarian Cuisine at Govinda

As more people are turning vegetarian, the pure veg-restaurants are also growing in numbers. Govinda Restaurant in South Mumbai is more special because they do not use garlic and onion in their kitchen and all the dishes served are pure satvic food, a strict diet followed by certain sect of society like Jains and BrahmaKumaris.
But that does not limit their variety of dishes; the menu card had listing of more than 200 varieties to choose from. Indian, chinese, continental, there is dish suitable for every palate. Every dish was special but different from what you would get at other restaurants and at a very economical prices.

The street food like Sev Puri had garnishing of pomegranate, The pizza had topping of exotic vegetables layered with pesto and basil leaves, the mint chutney was spicy and tasty. Then, there was Chinese Bhel, a perfect blend of deep fried noodles with grated vegetables. The main course of noodles and Manchurian vegetable balls tasted great although there was no garlic used during cooking. All the fruit juices are freshly made, and the natural ice creams like custard apple and watermelon was favored by all, the kulfis in clay cups was a delight.

Friend who is a regular at this eatery, says she loves to come here after her session of devotional music next door, which is actually an Ishkon temple at Kemp’s Corner. She finds peace and solitude.
I believe her

The ambience is very soothing with devotional soft music in the back ground, a jasmine fragrance in the room from the incense burning in dark corners of the restaurants, mythological stories depicted in the painting on the walls and hand made articles, like bamboo lanterns adorning the shelves.
The art blends with religion setting the moods.

I would highly recommend this eatery for people who enjoy vegetarian cuisine.

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