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Friday, May 9, 2014

Dunkin’ Donuts Comes To My Town

I am having spongy, melt-in-mouth chocolate donut, stuffed with dripping hazelnut cream; dusted with Dunkin’s special sugar and I am immediately transported to another world. When was the last time I tasted this delicious bite? I think it was in Europe.. oh yum!! I am so glad that now I don’t have to travel abroad to get the taste I like, it is now in my home town, so close to my house, that I can feast as often as I want.

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts is on my mind and it has opened its doors at Linking Road (actually two restaurants on the same day-10th May2014). It is the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain hub where young adults can relax and munch on delicious ‘wicked’ wraps and sandwiches, or get ‘whipped, cut up, baked, and be so imperfect” for the brief time when they stretch their minds at their donut outlets.
Speaking at the grand opening, Mr Ajay Kaul, CEO, Jubilant Foodworks Limited said, 
“We are encouraged by the appreciation Dunkin’ donuts has received from consumers right from the time we opened our first restaurant in Delhi. This opening of our restaurant in Mumbai marks the beginning of this exciting journey for us. We are confident that with the differentiated, all day part food and beverage menu that we offer, consumers in Mumbai will love Dunkin’ Donut”
Dunkin’ donut does not only boast about its big variety of donuts that range from classic to shell to ring donuts, it also has sandwiches, burgers and wraps too.

I tasted the ‘tough guy Burger’ that had spicy and succulent meat patty in the bed of salad and coated with creamy mustard sauce. I was happy with the rich taste of the sauces that is perfect for Indian taste. Most of the restaurants have food that is initially very good but it loses its luster after some time but Mr. Dev Amritesh, the President & COO, cleared my doubts by saying that their products have always tasted the same at all their outlets.

I just loved the wraps. Wrapped in Multigrain tortilla, they were just plain wicked. The crunchiness of nachos, the sweet tang of raw mangoes, the spicy jalapenos and chipotle sauce..It was superb!!

And then came the great Stirr’accino, the one of its kind, a unique brand. One cup with two coffees- Espresso shot of dark roast Arabic beans for strong coffee experience and original blend of light roast Arabic beans for mellow fruity flavor. I didn’t need sugar, the sweetness was just right for me.
Okay, my tummy was protesting.. “STOP” it grumbled… but still I went for ‘Spiked Iced Tea’….

The tea is actually brewed with fragrant sweet spices. It was very refreshing. It was a good experience and I am sure I will be spending many more evenings at Dunkin’ Donuts for sure!!!

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