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Friday, September 15, 2017

Food Trail: Part 3 - Voyagers Of The Seas

The six-days-cruise was from Hong kong to Okinawa and back. We had our family reunion at ‘Voyagers of the Seas’. The day we reached Okinawa, it was on Tuesday, I am strictly vegetarian on Tuesdays. There was no veg-food of my liking for me in the city of Okinawa. I did not eat anything on that day, except bread and butter and some fresh fruits. But on the other days, while on the ship, I had excellent food.

We were sailing on a beautiful ‘Royal Carribean Voyagers Of the Sea’ 

There are many restaurants on the ship like Portifino (Italian), Johnny Rockets (burgers and fries), Giovanni’s Table (traditionally Tuscany flavors), Chop’s grille (American steak house) Izumi (freshly rolled Sushis). My family members moved in smaller groups (everybody had their own company as per interests) and visited these restaurants at their own pace to enjoy their favorite meals for a fee. But there were three main restaurants that are complimentary on the ship.

Café Promenade on deck 5 used to be our main meeting point whenever we emerged from our own private cabins.

This is a sidewalk café where we could munch on sandwiches, pastries, and pizza while watching people walk by. There used to be live shows and big giant Shrek walking and entertaining kids on the promenade.

Everybody ate at their own timings whenever they felt hungry or whenever they were free from other activities. 

At The Windjammer Café on deck 11, we could have meals at all hours of the day from their buffet eatery.

The Windjammer Café  offers a great panaromic view of the sea through its large glass windows. There is great variety of food available at different food stations. With the exception of certain made-to-order stations for omelets and stir fries, the buffet is self service.

Since we were the big family of forty-two members, it was difficult to rope in all the members during the day (most of them were involved in different leisure activities that cruise offered at their indoor and outdoor decks) but it was mandatory that we have dinner together. 

Every day at 8pm, we dressed up for the evening and met for formal dinner at Sapphire.

Sapphire is the elegant three deck restaurant named for famous operas – Carmen, La Boheme and Magic flute and features lavish opera costumes, a crystal chandeliers and a grand staircase. The staff of the restaurants come down the staircase during the meals and perform live music and dance creating a vibrant ambience.

We had to choose from their menu of selected cuisine cooked at that hour. Food styling and taste was the high point of this restaurant. Few dishes are complimentary. whereas exotic dishes come with a price.  Some of the dishes that I really enjoyed were

The Salmon Salad

Ricotta and Spinach Quiche

 Garlic Tiger Shrimps

Mango Pudding

I am still drooling while I write this.

There is room service available too around the clock that offers a range of snacks and sandwiches. Many of my family members would order breakfast in their room. I skipped breakfast everyday, I preferred to sit in the balcony with just sky, sea and me and to munch on dry fruits. But those who ordered, said that they ordered Continental Breakfast that was complimentary.

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