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Thursday, April 20, 2017

A lovely Morning of Champagne Breakfast of Bonne Maman with Atout France

I love french bread, hard crust outside, and soft bread within..reminds of broon..our Indian bread, that our pav walla gets..its similar and very satisfying…but this breakfast was special, with egg omelet, ham, quiches and Bonne Maman preserves – a special invite by Atout France to enjoy the french breakfast with champagne at Sofitel BKC.

Bonne Mamam preserves are made with only finest ingredients: high fruit content, sugar and lemon juice. They are sweet and have 100 percent natural taste of fruit. I had earlier experienced the flavors of Bonne Maman at studio fifteen, where we had churned out some tasty french pastries.. You can read my post here But this breakfast was different, the preserves were used to create innovative dishes using Indian cuisine like dhokla and Maska Pav.

Normally, the fruit preserves are used over toast or cakes but here we had chef actually demonstrating a new combo of integrating our indian snack, Dhokla, with strawberry preserve.

A sandwich was made of dhokla and Bonne Maman preserve. What was more interesting was to crumble the dhoklas in nitrogen and get that frosty  and crunchy flavor. We could freeze it in the freezer too but the effect is not same as in molecular gastronomy where the flavor stays intact and yet the freshness

One more demo was on dipping the Maska Pav in egg batter, toasting on hot plate and then topping it with cream, fruits, honey and fruit preserves.

The room was filled with delicacies and we didn’t know where to start. Great morning spent with other food bloggers while we feasted on delicious breakfast.

Thank you for the the take-away gift. Now to drool over the food pictures in seasonal cookbook

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