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Friday, October 7, 2016

High Tea with Kishco

On a heavy rainy day, a cup of hot coffee is always welcomed. I entered the Drawing Room of  Smoke House Deli at Pali Hill, Bandra, into a roomful of well dressed people, all associated with food industry.

A table displaying the range of cookware attracted my attention. I went immediately to the table to have a closer look. The cookware was the Kishco Innochef- a new brand, made of superior technology, designed to be super efficient, sturdy and long lasting.

I particularly liked one flat-based pan and immediately thought I could make Spanish Paella in that. It was heavy pan 3-ply with total thickness of 25 mm, therefore food may not get burnt and the food could be cooked evenly. What I liked best about this pan was that this could be used on stove tops, electric plates, ovens and also on induction cookers.

While I was having coffee and munching on a cookie, Namita Jain introduced the DVD on Dining Etiquette, a lively animated film that aims to impart fundamental knowledge on table manners to school children. Namita Jain is a name synonymous with health and fitness. She has been columist for leading publication and has authored 10 books endorsed by celebrities on health and wellness. Today as an entrepreneur, Namita has taken charge of the family business as a managing director of Kishco.

The Kishco brand has been a hallmark of fine dining and elegance since 1950. We take this legacy forward as we aim to educate and inform the new generation of the nuances of dining etiquettes says Namita.

While the finger food was passed around, an animated film was shown to us that had a conversation between brother and sister over dinning etiquettes. This is made specially for children (and even for adults to some extend) that educates children on table manners, posture while eating, bag rules, social mingling among other things. The film is made interesting by interactive short quiz of what they have learnt. I am sure children will enjoy it.

I am planning to show my sisters five-years-old grandson and see his reaction to this animated film.

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