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Friday, September 9, 2016

Cooking Afternoon With 50Young.

50young is the group of people above the age of 50 years. Initiated by Anita Gurnani, Anand Gurnani and Kamal Raheja, the group has grown within one year to more than thousand members, all from different sect of society, all with common goal- to enjoy the life to its fullest as they pass through rocky path of seniority. Many of its members are talented lot, who meet regularly and inspire each other with their success stories. Their focus topics include beauty, fashion, art, culture, money, finance, health, wellness, technology, travel, etc, Workshops and forum are held regularly, you may see them in groups, enjoying a walk down the sea shore, savouring street food by the beach, or encouraging each other in some or the other workshop.

The most popular workshop that they enjoy the most is indoor creative activities like dancing,cooking, gift wrapping, decoupage, pottery, etc. Last week I had the privilege to attend their cooking workshop Dessert in the Jar by  Rashmi Ahuja and low Calorie Buggers by Sheela Sagar.

Sheela Sagar and Rashmi Ahuja are sisters who have passion for cooking. Sheela Sagar is the costume designer by proffession having won the ITA awards 2008 for best costume for Jai Shri Krishna and ITA awards 2007 for best costume for Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Pritviraj Chauvan. I wanted to teach cooking when I was young but life took over and my interest was kept on back burner says Sheela.
Now at the most relaxed age of 50 plus, Sheela and her sister Rashmi have joined hands in pursuing their culinary passion and have started their cooking workshops for 50 young group. Mrs Anita Gurnani is the most gracious hostess, who allows the use of her private home in Bandra to full-house, jam-packed cooking workshops.

Rashmi Ahuja demonstrated the preparation of Eggless Tiramasu in a jar. Eggless blueberry mousse in a jar and Eggless Pineapple cheese cake in a jar
Sharing the recipe of the dessert with kind permission from Rashmi Ahuja
Eggless Pineapple Cheese Cake In a Jar

8-10 digestive biscuits (powdered)
2tsp melted butter
50 grms hung yogurd
50gms condensed milk
50gms cream cheese
50gms whipped cream
few drops of lemon yellow color
few drops of pinapple essence
1cup chopped pinapples (tin)
1packet pinapple jelly
Mint leaves for decorations
Set jelly as instructed
Crush biscuits. Add melted butter, put this mixture at the base of the jar. Press lightly and keep in fridge for 5 minutes
In a bowl, blend together yogurd, condensed milk and cream cheese to a smooth texture. Fold in whipped cream. Keep in fridge for 10 minutes. Remove and put this cream mixture in the piping bag
Assembel the dessert in the jar. On the top of the biscuit mixture, put layer of pinapple pieces. Pipe out the cream mixture. Decorate with jelly and mint leaves.
Sheela Sagar demonstrated the preparation of low calorie Veggie burger and Cole Slaw Salad.
Sharing the recipe of Salad with kind permission from Sheela Sagar.
Cole Slaw Salad

2tbsp hung curd
2tbsp eggles diet mayonaise
1cup grated carrot
1cup shredded cabbage
4-5 finely chopped salad leaves
½ tsp black pepper
pinch of salt
Mix all the above ingredients.
The workshop was a great success. Besides learning a new skill, there is interaction between members over tea and the food.
And then the tasting of the food. For just Rs200, it was quite a feast!!

A perfect afternoon full of smiles..

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Rashmi Ahuja said...

This is Rashmi Ahuja here Thank you Pushpaji for coming for our cooking classes and posting such valuable comments and write-up Looking forward to meet you again soon on 50 young events Thanking you Rashmi Ahuja and Sheela sagar

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