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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Food Photography: Part5 – Telling A Story

Besides angle of the camera, depth of field, framing and lighting, the picture should be able to tell a story.

Before preparing to shoot, you could decide what you wish to show. What time of the day it is, what is the back ground story, how many people are there in the room, where you are working,(inside the house or out in patio) are you using natural light or using a flash.  Lots of things to consider before you get ready to click a picture.

Have taken this photograph from 90 degrees top to down, a more light on the vegetable would have done justice to this picture. also the cup containing buttermilk could be little bit smaller.

This pictures tells the story of preparing a snack in the evening, the potatoes are already peeled (you can see the peels on the tray) the potatoes are grated too, its evening time, and light is from window opposite it. I could have taken a smaller container for putting grated potatoes....

A ready plate of patties served with onion salad and green chutney.

Lighting plays an important role in photography. this picture is taken with natural light coming from the window on the left. Tried many different angles and positions but this image I like the best.

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