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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Food Photography: Part 4: Frames

In Food Photography, Framing is the presentation of the pictures. Photographer decides what he wants to show.

Whether he wants horizontal or vertical, what props should he use to enhance the presentation, and the story he wants to tell through his pictures.

This is the original picture I took in vertical frame.  This is clicked at 45 degrees with the natural light coming from window behind the camera.

The decision I need to take will be:
What to include and what to crop out,
Where the subject should be in the reference to the frame
What story I wish to tell

And this is after photo-editing.

The story I wish to tell is that there are two people enjoying the snack with one plate of sauce to share. The shoe below the table shows that its male companion. Spoon covering the puri shows that somebody has shifted the spoon. Some puris missing means that party has already begun…

The actions I have taken are
I have blurred the other plate
Cropped out the extra tray
And adjusted the brightness

However, I am not happy with the spoon covering the puri.

What do you think about this picture??

PS: My food photography guide Mr Neel

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