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Monday, February 22, 2016

Food Photography, Part One: Soup Pictures.

Food photography is an art and I will be studying pictures on the net ( with the help of Neel ) to improve my own photographs. I may join hundreds of workshops but I have noticed that the best way to improve your skills is to study the pictures of the experts.

Some observations on my own soup pictures:

My picture was of vegetable soup but I was distracted by the plate containing meat in the background and I think I should not post two food plates in one picture. The soup color is quite dull, I think I need better light exposure, I went to check the photographs of other bloggers and I have decided to follow them on Instagram, their pictures are beautiful, will try to study them more carefully. What i have noticed is that they have used lots of colors to make the picture attractive, the background is normally dark and the light plays the important role in the picture....

Some of the soup pictures I saw of other food bloggers

The miso soup from this site

My observation:
The picture is bright from the light above…the props are clean and of contrasting colors with background mat a bit darker shade so that our eyes are directed towards the soup at the centre of the frame..

My observation:
The picture is well lighted with light coming from above. The props are the things used in the soup like lemon and coriander and the background is the lemon colored checks table cloth that enhances the picture…..

So, I decided to prep up my picture on photoshop, cropped and adjusted the brightness, manipulating it to my satisfaction and this is what I got…

 Like it? would greatly appreciate if you share your soup pictures in my comment box. Thank you

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Food Photography in Feb 2016

Some of the pictures I clicked in the month of February while eating out.

At #Mainland China restaurant in Pune, I loved the drama in the lichee ice cream cup with nitrogen fumes emerging from ice cream cup.

The Spanish style prawns were cooked to perfection and served with toast at Bad restaurant in Bandra

#Kejriwaltoast at #BombayCanteen #Parel most talked about toast of Bombay..combo of coconut chutney with cheese and fried egg..tastes good

#dips are in..the more creative you get, the better is the taste..this was the combo of humus and beet...a bit sweetish and bit spicy..was pleasing to the palate...
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