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Thursday, January 7, 2016

World’s Biggest Young Chef Olympiad For Culinary Students

When I was invited for an exclusive food bloggers meet with Mr.Suborno Bose, the director of IIHM and Celebrity Chef Shaun Kenworthy at IBIS in Mumbai, I had no clue that there was an important event brewing up and the young chefs from 67 countries were to come together for an event called ‘Young Chef Olympiad’ This is an event that will bring the whole culinary world under one umbrella. Some of the well known chefs, and the important people from food industry from all over world have been roped in as consultants and judges.

Over a cup of Cappuccino, I learnt about this biggest ever event that is to take place on our 67th Republic day in Delhi that will bring culinary world together.  The students who will participate in this event are the best young student chefs that will represent their country; these are the students who are undergoing graduation in food and hospitality in their part of the world.

The format is that the event will be held in four cities over the period of six days. Starting with Grand opening ceremony on 27th Jan 2016 at Talkatora Indoor stadium, New Delhi;

In the round one in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, the students from 67 countries will participate in the competition, Round two will be narrowed down to seven participants in Kolkata, who will then compete in finals at Kolkata on 1st February 2016

The competition will be on their creativity and the techniques they use while churning out a dish. There will be marks on cleanliness and hygiene and how effectively they use their ingredients. For example: if they are given 600 grams of fish with its skin on, and 500 grams of potatoes, they are asked to cook for four people, then they are judged on how they utilize the ingredients proportionately. Another example, if they are asked to cook three course meal and not allowed to same ingredient twice, then how they used their creativity. Thus they will be judged on their skills.

This event will be important because it will connect different chefs, mentors and well known personals from food industry around the world, and the students will be able to learn new techniques through interaction with other students from different parts of the world.

Looking forward to this events, I am sure it will be the most interesting and a good learning experience for young chefs.

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