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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Indian Food Trail in America Part4- New York

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How can you miss India, when everything is available there? People living in America have created their own India adhering to the culture, tradition and food. They socialise on all the indian festivals and love Indian cuisine. Indian have westernised in India but Indian in America are very traditional in their values.

At every social gathering, they order Indian food from restaurants just like they do back home in India. The only difference is that Indians in America work very hard and with no house help, they normally don’t get much time to cook. Their freezer is stuffed with cooked food and they don’t mind eating stale food (which is sometimes one month old) Micro oven is of great help for converting stale food into a fresh hot plate.  

While in New York, my cousin wanted to take me to an south indian restaurant that is famous for best Dosas.  I am not too fond of south Indian cuisine, therefore he took me to Spice Market (at the corner of 9th avenue) instead.

We went for dinner, it was late evening, but the restaurant was bustling with activity, loud music, people waiting at the bar, with a glass of wine, while the tables cleared. I wondered if we would be able to have conversation. But once seated, everything was comfortable. We got a nice enclosed area tucked away in a pretty corner, with large low table and couch with comfortable cushions.

This restaurant had the most innovative menu like Ovaltine kulfi and spiced apple samosas. The food was good and so was the ambience. After heavy dinner it was perfect time for Gianduja chocolate Kulfi with Caramalised banana, popcorn with cocoa nibs and cream . 

I truly enjoyed the desserts at this place, especially Panandan and Tiramisu.

At the end of my four months stay in USA, I was home sick, beginning to crave for my indian cuisine back home. Most of the Indian restaurants concentrate on Biryanis and Butter Chicken and on snack menu is mainly samosas and bhajiyas. In India, we have a huge variety to select from: Sandwiches, Idlis, Vadas, etc,

Get the drift?

Different days, different food, travel all around the globe but Dhal and Rice at the end of the day……is always the best option.

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