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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Indian Food Trail in America Part3- Dallas

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 In Dallas, Indian food is very much cherished by NRIs. I was surprised to see huge Indian grocery stores everywhere. The supermarket had all the possible things Indian. Many of the gluten free food was easily available at these stores. Freshly roasted indian bread was churned out of roti machines at the supermarkets. I saw many of the Indian working housewives shop for those hot rotis. Many of the Indian supermarkets also have a small area reserved for people to sit and enjoy street food, so while they shop for spices, they might try pani puri, idlis, vadas and samosas too.

There are many private supermarkets but Patel Brothers have spread their wings in all corners of America and many delicacies and Indian sweets are locally prepared in private homes and factories. There were all kinds of sweets available and things like khakhra, sev and other savories too. I am not surprised that visitors are discouraged from bringing food stuff into the continent., they are strict at the airports, there is really no need to bring grocery to USA, everything is locally available there.

My cousin insisted that I try the briyani at Chemeli. Their portions are large but the food tasted great. There were some mouth watering dishes like kababs and curries too. This one is the family run eatery that serves Bangladesi, Indian and Pakisthani cuisine.

Royal Sweet Mart specialised in Indian street foods. In this restaurant, the man was working in the open kitchen, frying a huge dosa, stuffing it with potatoes bhaji and cheese, cutting it into triangular shapes and serving like a pizza.

Week after week, Indians  in Dallas have regular religious meetings, either in the temple or in the private homes. At Hanuman temple and SaiBai temple, lunch is served weekly. Some of them have in private homes in rotation, where they enjoy Indian cuisine during pot luck parties. It is more like a social gathering. Elaborate lunch is prepared, people get to try new recipes each week thus keeping in groove with indian cooking.

to be continued

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