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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Indian Food Trail in America Part2- Atlanta

Indian Food trail in Atlanta, on the other hand, was much better. There are lots of Indians living here, quite comfortable in their second home, most of them seem to miss their food back home and were content to visit Indian restaurants. Many people told me that it is cheaper to eat outside than cooking at home. Prices are reasonable and servings are huge, therfore many bring back the left overs and enjoy the meal for one extra day. Most of the Indian restaurants are crowded in Atlanta and the food tastes good.

We went to a remote place at Kereke Kitchen. This was managed by close-knit family and it was truly a home style cooking. It was a small place (just six tables) with food served in paper plates, woman took our order, disappeared into the kitchen and came back with cooked food. While we waited for our order, we could help ourself with the home made savories left in the tin jar at the counter..We had chicken curry, it tasted strongly of burnt kokum the Appam served with this curry was not that great.

But the other restaurants that I truly enjoyed were Bawarchi Biryani Point and Zyka.

I loved the pilaaf at Bawarchi Biryani Point, its signature Hydrabadi style dum biryani is so famous that if you go late, you might not get it. They have a great selection of briyanis with in-house speciality like Natukodi, Ulvacharu, Panasapatty, Avakai, I loved it because it was tasty and spicy (and everybody knows how much I enjoy spicy stuff). At Bawarchi’s they have an honest, open and family-centered approach to franchising.

Zyka at Decatur is always crowded (I went thrice during my one month stay at Atlanta), This place is actually a huge community hall with tables and chairs randomly placed in the room. You grab a chair as soon as you see a vacant one.  You go order for your food, pay your bill and then wait for a roll call to pick up your order. There are too many hungry people waiting around your table while you are trying to relish food. I had enjoyed chicken in black pepper (my favorite), which was spicy and rich in taste. Also loved the freshly roasted Naan here (soft and fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth). This restaurant is mainly popular for its halal meat and its chicken65.

ChaiPani is the another good restaurant, that serves Mumbai street food but it is managed by a non-Indian couple.  Their sevpuri, bhindis fry are excellent and chai icecream( have you ever heard of this?) well it was tasting different (maybe because I am used to drinking chai and not eating chai icecream) I was so awed by this restaurant that I have a complete blogpost onthis place here ..

Global Mall is another popular place where you might find lots of Indians. Indians shop her for local stuff like clothings, jewellery and spices. There is a temple, social club and health club too. We spent many hours window-shopping for indian clothes, And like most of the other malls, this too had a food court with what else? Yes, Indian street food. We enjoyed sev puri and masala chai at Davat.

To be continued

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