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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eating Out : Burgers In Edzo's At Sherman Ave, Evanston

Burgers and sandwiches are truly American cuisine. Edzo’s burger place transported me way back to 70’s when I used to drool over burgers in Archie’s comics.
We sat close to the cooking station and we could see the chef at work.

The chef flavoring the sausage with cheese or chili for making tasty hotdog

Roasting patties on the girdle for making hamburgers

Making hamburger with chicken/pork.mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, cheese or of different combinations

They have an amazing variety of fries on their menu. We ordered for fries while we waited for hamburgers. There were buffalo fries that had buffalo sauce, cheese and celery, then there were crazy fires with chili, cheese, chopped onions, angry fries with four kinds of sauces, truffle fries with truffle, salt parmesan. One interesting fries they had on their menu called Lobster fries that was deep French fries with bacon/caramelized onions, cheddar spread, crispy fried onions and BBQ sauce.

Edzo is the celebrated quick serves chain that lures local with most inventive smoothies and shake. Most of the locals were from around Sherman Ave, Evanston.

All the staff wore different colored Tee shirt but with same message promising good burgers and shakes. The message "Freshly ground Burgers, Hand cut fries and great shakes" and it delivered as it promised.

They looked so delicious. 

It taste great with mustard and tomato sauce.

This place cannot be compared to KFC or Kentucky place where burgers are made in machines over the fixed proportion ingredients.

Here the burgers are hand made for every diner. Each sausage fried, each patties flavored and roasted on the girdle and thats what makes it so special.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I begin my stay in Chicago with Lou Malnati

My cousins came to pick me up from airport, we dropped the luggage at home and then headed straight for lunch to the Lou Malnati’s that has the best creative pizzas in Chicago.

Pictures, pictures everywhere, most of the walls of the restaurant were adorned with memories and one wall was dedicated to basket ball players displaying autographed basket balls

But we were there for special Malnati salad that the place is most famous for, a delicious green, crunchy, sweet and sour salad of romane lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, crumbled salami, gorgonzola cheese and sweet flovors of vinegar and romano cheese.

My family ordered deep dish pizza and I wondered what was so special about it till it arrived at the table. It was extraordinary…Chicago style pizza that had thick layer of mozzarella cheese on a thin crust with ingredients like mushroom, onions and sausages sunk into the layers of cheese. The pizza was then topped with fresh tomato sauce, and sprinkled with cheese and spices, every bite so juicy and delicious.

First day in Chicago and I had already tried the best pizza in town…before I could even unpack my bags.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Junk food is out as more people start on healthy eating. Youngsters nowadays prefer fresh food to canned food and they have become more inclined towards organic food. Be it India or around the world, people are getting more aware of healthy eating. I have come to spend few days on the other side of the world. Here I am visiting my sister in Chicago.

When my nephew told me that he owns a restaurant, I was excited and wanted to visit immediately. He drove us to his restaurant at 228W Chicago Ave and proudly introduced us to most impressive farm themed hangout called Farmhouse.

It was late afternoon and the weather was quite pleasant. Many people sat in the patio to enjoy the meal.

But we walked indoors to enjoy the meal. The ambience is beautiful. A small room called pickle room had different pickle bottles in the room.

Another smaller room had a cozy setup with seating for fifteen people to enjoy a private dinner

A long bar with high chairs occupied the large part of the room where people could enjoy food with hard drinks.

The rest of the restaurants in the large room had seating arrangement in such a way that each table had their own privacy.

We ordered crispy cheese balls, salads and pizza. The USP of this restaurant is the freshness of the food. The restaurant has the finest ingredients from the surrounding Chicago area and nearby states. It encourages the fresh farm products, thus supporting the local farms for cheese, wines, greens, breads and meat.

No canned food is used at all; even the tomato sauce and the dips are freshly cooked. The food had the most unique taste.

Dessert is to die for. The strawberry and cream burger was melt in mouth, delicious dish. I just loved it and couldn’t resists eating even though I am always watching my diet

One floor up, and there was a large room, big enough for a private party or some social meetings. If I were to stay in Chicago, I would love to host open mike poetry performance in this room like we do back home in India.

So very proud of my nephew for owning such a beautiful restaurant where health come first and dining is a great experience….

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