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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Online Food Service- InstaKhaana

Tiffin service in Mumbai gets more interesting each day.

 On the days when I am too lazy, I order meals from the women who work from home. I have tried many tiffin services but its something I cannot continue to have all days, seven days a week. I bore easily and somehow I prefer my own cooking. But I have tried many dhabba services and forwarded their contact to my friends too. Parsi cuisine, Gujarati cuisine, then there are Goan, some western too. The latest one I tried was from a Sindhi lady in Bandra who delivered food suitable to my taste buds. A full meal with lentils, two vegetables, a cup of boiled rice and four chappatis, all this for mere Rs150. But after two weeks I was bored again and back to my own cooking of simple lunch of just one dish(veg or non-veg) and two chappattis and evening meal of just soup and sandwiches.

But for those who have no time to cook, tiffin service is the best option. There is yet another one in the block, this time online delivery service.

This one is called ‘InstaKhaana’ I was asked to review their services and their food.

The food arrived in a cute delivery car that attracted my neighbors too.

The food was neatly packed in plastic containers with a plastic packet of spoon fork, salt and pepper (like they do in airlines) Two boxes arrived in pretty cloth bags.

Pan fried fish with garlic sauce was melt in the mouth, boneless fish, a pure delight. It is perfect for light diners and it paired well with garlic bread.

Corn rice with butter vegetables and lentil cutlets is suitable for heavy meal. The long grain, corn rice was cooked to perfection. I am not too fond of sweetness in the food, hence didn’t like butter vegetables although the stew was good with assorted exotic vegetables (broccoli, carrots and cottage cheese, etc.).

However, I didn’t like the corn salad at all. It tasted stale. I am not sure that it’s fresh. It tasted awful.

Instakhaana claims to have different menu seven days a week, freshly cooked and delivered in 20 minutes. Each day’s menu consists of two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian dishes to pick from. In addition to this, there is an option of adding a salad, a soft beverage like a cold pressed juice, or a dessert to complete a meal. They have their presence in BKC, lower Parel, Worli and Mahalaxmi. The next locations on the anvil are Bandra, Powai and Lokhandwala. They aspire to deliver to at least 20 areas in Mumbai over the next three months

This is online delivery service, where one can select the dish and order online.

The price is quite reasonable as compared to other restaurants in our area (Most of these scrumptious meals are priced between Rs80 and Rs170. InstaKhaana also has a deal of the day offer where any one vegetarian dish and one non vegetarian dish from the menu are priced at just Rs49 and Rs69 respectively)

and the food is quite healthy and non greasy.

You can visit their site for more information at

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Refreshing Almond Drink

This Saturday, I visited my friend at Versova after a long time. ”Your welcome drink is ready” she said as soon as I entered her house. There was a great variety of food cooked for us, but in this heat, we can’t eat too much. But almond drink was a clever idea. I loved the nutty taste plus it’s so nutritious. I can’t remember the number of glasses I drank ..was it two?…or maybe five…? I can't remember...

The taste lingers till you go for next sip.

I hate asking for recipes during eating and drinking moments, the concentration get diverted. But while I take each sip, savoring and guessing the ingredients is a wonderful game I play silently in my mind.

I am aware that almond juice is good for health, it’s good for selfie too…the pretty glowing skin that results after regular cups of this refreshing drink..

And if we are not too logy, why not make it regularly?

Just soak 25-30 almonds in the water for 5-6 hours.

The skin begins to wrinkle and easily slips off with soft touch.

Transfer the peeled almond in the blender and add 1tsp aniseeds (sauf) 1tsp Black pepper (kala miri) 1tsp Poppy seeds (Khus khus) 2-3 Cardamon(elachi), 1tbsp sugar and 1tbsp of pumpkin seeds.

Add 2glasses of water and grind it to thin paste.

Line the strainer with cheesecloth and pour the blended mixture over it.

Gather the cheesecloth over the almond mixture and twist and squeeze out all the milk

Garnish with saffron threads, ground cashew nuts, ground pistachio and rose petals

You could add jaggery, figs or dates instead of sugar.

Serve chilled.

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