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Monday, March 2, 2015

Red Chutney on My Plate

This week on my trip to supermarket, I was very attracted to brightly colored red chilies.

Chutney is on my mind!!

Chutney seems like a bright idea because it pairs appropriately with all kinds of snacks. The tricky part is chopping.

Have to be very careful during chopping, accidents can happen. For example, you might rub your eye after chopping (if this happen, rush to the sink and wash thoroughly with cold water and then use ice pack to cool the eyes)..Your fingertips may also burn (use cold cream, okay?)

Next, plan what ingredients would you use to make your chutney unique. Each time I make, it turns out differently. (I am creative, you see) I cannot recreate the same taste again.

So, this time I used:
100gms red chilies
6-7 garlic pods
1small red capsicum (roasted over open flame)
1tsp red chili powder
1tsp salt
1tsp sugar
1tbsp vinegar

Put it in the food processor and grind it to rough paste.

Transfer the paste into a glass jar and add 1/2cup olive oil

Are you ready to eat? WAIT!

Now wait a minute. It is not ready yet. You have to let it rest for one full week.

Close the lid airtight and cover it with sling film - A new product in Indian market. Ekdum new!! Check out Asahi Kasei India.

Asahi Kasei India cling film is more manageable than other wraps, because it is thicker and firm and it does not does get squashed easily. Moreover, the box has a saw-like blade on its rim that makes it easier to cut out the film easily. I am using this for covering most of my foodstuff and fruits that are stored in the fridge.

I found this to be perfect choice to cover my bottle of chili chutney. My bottle will be kept on my dining table for week till it is ready to consume.

Later, I will invite you for Hi tea perhaps


Hema Achuta said...

Sounds easy and looks yummy....always enjoy going through your receipes...thanks...all the best in whatever you do....

Pushpa Moorjani said...

Thank you Hema ..hope u will make it too…enjoy!!

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