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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chili and Chocolate Potluck

Chilli and chocolate, now that is an odd combination, therefore when my food blogger friend, Rushina, suggested this theme for potluck lunch, my mind did some somersault. I love chilies but am not too fond of chocolates, but thinking out of box is being creative, so I was game for it.

I thought of many dishes, and many combinations, changed many menus, finally decided to make a snack using Oreo chocolate, spicy Sambal of kidney n liver, topped with grated cheese and pickled red chilies.

It was too spicy, even though it had sweet chocolate biscuit as the base. Also it is important to develop the taste for kidney and liver. Therefore I am not sure whether others liked it, but I loved it.

It was a fun afternoon, being it Wednesday afternoon, a working day, not many of the food bloggers could attend, but all those who attended, enjoyed it a lot.

Two days prior to the event, I had pickled the chilies with lime, salt, sugar and soya sauce. On the day, this made a colorful ornament on the melted cheese.

There were many other interesting things too…Some of the other creations that I liked were

Stuffed Chillies dipped in white chocolate and the tequila induced filling inside  the chili gave quite a kick…

I am not too fond of Mexican, but this Veggie Mexican chilli was quite a favorite with the rest of the group.

Churro was crispy and spicy. When I dipped churro in hot chocolate, I was transported back to Spain, pity that Spanish would not be able to eat because it was spicy….

The salad was utterly delicious with candied chilies and it had sweetish strawberry flavor.

This one was nice roasted chicken with chocolate folded over it.

And finally came the dessert, we were anxiously waiting for…

Melt in mouth chocolate cream pots with mint-basil syrup

It was an interesting meet, chit chat over cups of hot chocolate and meeting new people is always a pleasure.

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