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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Foodie Santa Comes To My Town

The festive season is in the air. Everybody is sending gifts to secret Santee…I chose to be Santa in two groups.

December has been bad month for me,(health wise) therefore, I couldn’t go out to shop for gifts, but then I am lucky to know friends who help me to send out my gifts.

At my Special school, I just send out secretly to my Santee,(one of the teachers at school) through my friend.

For my foodies group I decided to make gifts at home. This was organized by my Foodie friends at #FBAISecret Santa group. The elfs were the group of five food bloggers   who volunteered to deliver gifts on their reindeers( oops, private vehicle)

Two days before the event, we were supposed to deliver our gifts to @HungryBawarchi's  house. Unfortuantely I was not well, therefore I requested him to collect it from my house. Thank you so much Mohit for this extra effort.

Since I could not go out to buy food gifts for my santee, I decided to make it at home…as a foodie, I think personalized food gifts are best. I made carrot pickle, pesto and eggplant dip.

I just ordered three pretty colorful storage containers, packed them up creatively with gold feathers, added a handwritten note and sent

My special thanks to elf Mohit, who came to my house to pick up my gift coz I was unable to go out..

And this was my note for my Santee…

Dear Santee Ms Punjabi

Ho Ho ho
Here we come

Pickles, pesto’s, dips
A specialty from my ribs
All packed in cups, so true
Packed specially for you

From land of green chilies
That also has basil frills
Amidst nuts and cheese
A pesto if you please

The carrots sliced and mixed
With garlic and mustard seeds
Now, isn’t that nice pickle?
A perfect afternoon treat

A roasted, blackened eggplant
Churned happily with hung yogurt
That’s the dip you may relish
For sure, it’s delish

So here’s wishing you X’mas
From a very secret friend
One foodie to another
Santa builds a stronger thread

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas!!!

And well, my gift arrived too…Thank you Roshan and Jagruti…the elves who came to visit me…

This is what arrived

Two boxes of Cadbury chocolates… I was expecting home made stuff too…and a written note..with a personalized signature of Santa

 Well maybe my Santa was very busy..

But the festive season has just begun…. Seems like a fun Christmas this year… more parties next week with different set of friends.

Now off to twitter to enjoy the visuals of other foodies….

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