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Friday, October 17, 2014

The Bacon Pate

The food arrived at the table, she fumbled with the lens to get the first shot.

"Leave it, lets taste first." said M, wiping his brow, and looking around to see if anybody else was watching.

He hated coming with S for dinners, he hated waiting while S clicked a picture each time the food arrived. .
"That bacon on cucumber looks good nah" she said excitedly, “taste and tell me what u like the best about it”

He shouldn't have married a food blogger....he thought as he moved his hand to pick it up for a bite

“Mmmnnn this taste good”. He said, “Do you know how to make it?”

“Sure I do, it just bacon pate on slices of cucumber. In reality S didn’t know how to make it but she was not about to tell.

On Sunday afternoon, while M lazed around, he suddenly remembered the taste of bacon on cucumber.

“Hello, can you make that snack we had the other day.”

M was busy posting pictures on her blog. “What snack?” she asked, as she worked on a picture, chopping off the picture to quarter its size and adjusting the brightness and contrast of the picture.

“That bacon on cucumber” he said.

She quickly opened a Google page to look for the recipe of Bacon Pate.”

“Oh, Bacon Pate tastes better if it is made three days ahead.” She said. “I will make pate this weekend, promise.”

She quickly book marked the page of the recipe on ‘The Edible Mosaic’ 

“Saturday afternoon is reserved for shopping of the ingredients and cooking bacon pate” she announced going back to her blog.

M waited anxiously for Saturday to arrive…..

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