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Monday, August 4, 2014

On My Last Day in Bangkok, I Made a Trip To a Local Supermarket.

For twenty days at Krabi and Bangkok, all I ate was Thai cuisine, at the malls, on the streets and even in the fancy restaurants. Thai food is amazing and I could not have enough of it. I didn’t touch Indian cuisine at all, not even a small piece of chappati or a spoonful of curry (although I did try Thai roti stuffed with banana and honey, will write about it in another post). 

Even a small coffee shop looked inviting...

So in reality, I should be completely satisfied.

But no, I wanted to get the food memories back home. So I went to a large supermarket.

The drooling display of fruits and vegetables, the large range of sea food on ice-blocks, the great selection of sausages and frozen food, the spices, the sauces, the noodle soup packets, if I didn’t have weight problem during travelling (I was allowed only 25kgs) I would grab them all….

The food stalls were tempting...

Carefully, I started to pick up stuff, anything light and tasty, and something that I cannot find in Indian super stores easily. One by one, the stuff went off the shelf into my shopping cart, few dozens ‘Mama’ soup packets, few bottles of assorted spicy sauces, freshly made chutneys and savories and then I glanced at the mushroom shelf.

A big variety of Mushrooms of different kinds seduced me. I stood staring at Button mushroom, Straw mushrooms, Maitake mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms…all fresh and dewy packed in plastic, ready for cooking. 

I was not sure how long they would last, but I picked them and now they sit frozen in my fridge, ready for use.

Today I opened the packet to find maitake, straw and black fungi mushroom, decided to stir fry.

Chopped spinach and cooked a delicious lunch.

I decided to make Mushrooms and Spinach Stir-fries


1tbsp peanut oil
8-9pods of crushed garlic
2 green chilies
100gms-assorted mushrooms
100gms spinach
1 vegetarian stock cube
1tsp black pepper
1/2tsp soya sauce
1tsp oyster sauce

Every spoonful is divine


Heat oil and add crushed garlic and chopped chilies. Add the assorted mushrooms, and stir-fry.

Add vegetarian stock cube, and black pepper.

Add spinach and stir it well

Add soya sauce and oyster sauce.

Serve with steamed rice, diagonally sliced cucumber and chili in vinegar.

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