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Monday, June 23, 2014

Food Hunt At Nature Basket in Bandra Organized by FBAI

It was a fun Sunday morning at Nature Basket in Bandra. All the food loving people gathered to participate in a game called ‘FoodHunt’. The participants were divided into ten groups, with each team comprising of 3-4 persons. There were eight venues where the teams had to hop, playing different games at different venues. For e.g.- at Mangi café they were guessing the 3 ingredients of the pizza, at Maroosh they were putting shawarma together, at Coo they were blindfolded and had to taste test 3 bite size desserts.

There were field marshals posted at each venue, who helped guide the participants during the game.
We had to help the participants do an activity, tell them to take a selfie, post it on FB and then give them the next clue” says Mohit Chotrani, who was a field marshal at the venue at Maroosh

The whole event was organized by ‘FoodBlogger Association of India'. Sameer Malkani, the co-founder of this association, is the one who has brought the social media to a new level by building a platform where he co-ordinates the food bloggers with the restaurants and with other food enthusiasts. He has great ideas and is very compassionate about his work.

I did not take part in this event, but since the event was held closer to my house, I decided to go for a while. And I was in for a surprise

There was so much energy in the room, with some of the teams already having completed their task, were enjoying the variety of food displayed at the tables. I spoke to few of the participants and they were eager to share their stories. Some of them had hopped the different venues by car and some by autorickshaw. But travelling by autorickshaw was a better options, they said, because some of the lanes in Bandra are narrow and it is easier to move quickly in a smaller vehicle.

The atmosphere was vibrant with participants clicking group pictures. I was happy to meet some of my food bloggers friends like Rushina and Kalyan and they were to distribute the prizes to the winners.

The gifts hampers were attractive too and there were four team winners.

At the end of the session, some one shouted, 
We want this event in South Mumbai too”.
 So, I won’t be surprised if we have such events on a regular basis. Everybody likes to have fun and with food and gifts, it gets even more interesting!!

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