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Thursday, May 1, 2014

You and Me and Cuppa Tea

I have seen Prasik hill many times from a distance, on my way to my SBP Special School at CBD but never really ventured that far. Yesterday, my friend suggested we go up the winding path to admire the view from the top. It’s a beautiful drive up the narrow snaky lane with a panoramic view of the city below, a beautiful temple, some interesting villas and now an artistic tea store called You, Me & Cuppa Tea.

I was utterly besotted by the entrance itself. Cluster of umbrella, Warli painting on the walls, large jute curtains, and teacup designs everywhere. The ambience was good. The mood was set perfectly to relax on wooden tables.

It is a large place suitable to socialize during ladies tea party, or high-octane social events, or even have small lit-groups and there are smaller cozy rooms with floor furniture for private gathering to write, compose and bring ideas to life.

Everything revolves around tea, not the cutting chai, mind you; the Rs5 cuppa chai that you get at every Mumbai street, Nah! This is a place for tea ceremonies. This is the place where you can experience a wide range of assorted tea of around 170 varied flavors that are fruity, minty, peach, chocolate, citric etc. and different types of tea like oolong, blooming, rooibos, herbal infusion, green, black, mate, etc. of different seasons like winter, fall. It’s a place where there are different pots for brewing different types of tea, in different shapes of cups/mugs and different bites of snacks with every sip.

We left the choice of selecting the tea for us to teaologists, who knew how to brew a special blended tea for us to have a different experience.

He brought blooming bud and inserted in the transparent pot containing warm water. It was fascinating to watch the bud open in the glass teapot and bloom into pretty colored flowers as the bud seeped in.

This is called artisan or flowering teas. They were hand tied by tea artists and include some flavor of fruits and jasmine along with a beautiful design.

The saffron tea was served in tiny glasses that contained almond scrapings. The flavors were very refreshing

We had cookies and cakes with tea, but on their menu card there were some interesting sandwiches and pizzas, maybe next time when I am more hungry

 “TEA LOVERS SOCIETY” Now that is what makes this place so interesting! A community where like minded people and Tea Lovers from different walks of life share experiences, Art, Culture and Business, this is one of the prime objectives behind the conceptualization of "You Me & Cuppa Tea".

Rating ; good
Ambience; good
Bathrooms: unclean, needs improvements

Everest Housing Society
Parsik Hill, sector 26,27
CBD, Belapur.
Navi Mumbai

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