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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cooking Techniques of Japanese Cuisine

I have tried cooking most of cuisines around the world, Chinese, Continental, Indian, Thai, Spanish, etc. but never before have I tried cooking Japanese cuisine. So recently, when I got the invite from Rushina to learn few Japanese dishes at APB cook studio, I grabbed the opportunity.

Detail of this workshop is written very eloquently by another food blogger Shanti Padukone, who had also attended this workshop. You can visit her post at Riot of Flavors

We were a small group of twelve women, we worked in pairs.

We started with handmade Udon noodles.

 Dissolved the salt in 1/2cup water and mixed it with 200gms of high quality flour to make a dough. Kept it for 1 hour, rolled it, using flour to dust the rolling pin and work surface. Folded the dough up into fourths and cut it into flat noodles, boiled in boiling water to produce shiny udon noodles.

In separate pot we made mushroom soup, adding onions, mushrooms, celery, soya sauce, vegetable stock, vinegar, sesame oil and boiled noodles.

We then sat around the table to make some Sushis.

Boiled the ‘sushi rice’ at the ratio of water:rice as 1:1..added vinegar to the boiled rice. Sushi rice is very sticky, hence wetting finger tips makes the work easier.

Place seaweed on the mat, spread vinegar flavored sushi rice, put the layer of stuffing and roll it tight. The stuffing contained eggs, that was cooked in a special way (fried into paper thin consistency, rolled several times, and then cut into strips). The stuffing should be colorful, so can add yellow strips of eggs, white strips of cucumber or radish, red strips of crab meat or carrot, green strips of capsicum. 

Sushi tastes good with pickled ginger, soya sauce and wasabi.

Okonomiyaki is the cabbage patties. ½ Cabbage is shredded and kept in water for 15minutes. When ready to eat, it is drained thoroughly and mixed with 3eggs, salt and 100gms flour. The mixture is fried till crisp and garnished with mayonnaise, oyster sauce and chopped spring onions.

Since dessert is a must, we made sweet potato cakes. Boiled sweet potato is mixed with butter and sugar to make a smooth paste. Mix in egg yolk. Add cream and rum and squeeze out from a nozzle into the baking tray. Brush the top with egg yolk or milk and bake for 10-20 minutes till it is crisp.

It was a fun event, specially the eating part.

Get the detail account of this workshop at Riot of flavors

At this moment I wish to thank Rushina and APB Cook Studio Team for giving me this opportunity to learn this new technique of Japanese Cooking.

Now waiting for some guests to arrive to test my cooking skills.

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