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Friday, February 28, 2014

Creamy Noodles in Orange Squash

Friends were coming over for lunch, and I had fully planned Chinese meal on my mind. But, what should I serve as dessert?

Should I order natural ice cream? or should I make custard, should I set jelly or should I make fragrant cream? When I have friends over for lunch, I want to make the best of cuisine. It gives me great pleasure to cook for people who love eating my prepared food.

I decided to be creative. I decided to make a dessert of what ever ingredients I could find at home.

I had a packet of rice noodles, some yogurt and a bottle of orange squash.

And this is what I made.

“What’s the name of the dessert?” they asked

I didn’t know. This was my experiment; I had not yet given it a name. I was not even sure if it would turn out good.

Friends loved it.

Since it did not disappoint, I can share the recipe now.

But first the name…. I shall call it Creamy Noodles in Orange Squash’


1 cup orange squash
50gms rice noodles
500gms yogurt
2tbsp sugar
4-5 strands of saffron threads
2 crushed cardamoms
1tsp of cinnamon powder
100 grams of mixed nuts (almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts)
1tbsp of chocolate sauce

1.    Boil the rice noodles and keep it aside.
2.    Tie the yogurt in the muslin cloth and hang it on the tap for 2 hours.
3.   In a mixer add sugar, saffron, cardamoms and hung yogurt.
4.    Chop the mixed nuts
5.   In a glass rectangular bowl, put the layer of boiled rice-noodles
6.   Spread the layer of orange squash
7.    Spread the layer of hung yogurt mixer
8.   Sprinkle the layer of cinnamon powder
9.   Spread the layer of chopped mixed nuts.

Cool it in the fridge for 24 hours

Garnish with chocolate sauce before serving.

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