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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Refreshing Drink by 'Paper Boat'

Mangoes are best enjoyed during summer when markets are flooded with variety of this seasonal fruit. We have milkshakes, sherbets and even just plain juices during the season when this fruit makes it appearance.

But to have this fruit-juice off-season is a boon.

I was pleasantly surprised when I relished this flavor off-season in a drink called ‘aamras’ by ‘Paper boat’.

Packed in attractive, colorful, aluminum-lined paper pouches, this drink has no color, no preservatives and no artificial flavors.

The sweetest sour taste of the mango pulp is enhanced by addition of sugar, citric acid, cardamom and saffron. It has very refreshing taste when chilled.

My friends and I had enjoyable afternoon, tasting the different flavors of this ‘Paper Boat’

We tasted Jamun Kala khatta, Jaljeera, Aamras and aam Panna.

Aam Panna was more sweet than sour. It would taste better if it were a bit more sour.

The Jaljira flavor is too sweet. The taste is a bit different from the original fresh Jaljira that we have at Pani Puri stalls. The taste of spices used in the drink are over powered by the sweetness of the drink.

Jamun Kala khatta was enjoyed by all and reminded us of our trip to Juhu beach when we had iced sherbet and soft drinks at the drink stalls.

Highly satisfied with the taste of Jamun Kala khatta and aamras flavors.

Jaljira and Aam panna are too sweet and they need improvement.

The 250ml soft, attractive pouches are easy to carry in purse or in the pocket and occupy very little space.

Rating: 3 stars (good)

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