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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Food Bloggers Award Nite

Most of the bloggers blog for their own personal pleasure. There is no financial gain, whatsoever. Its more like a mini diary where one maintains life events jotting down day-to-day anecdotes to refresh the memory on an another day.
Blogging brings me immense pleasure. I am not sure if anybody is reading my blogs but I have the satisfaction of sharing my experience with virtual world. My blog is not designed to encourage comments because I do not like spams and promotions that appear on my blogs and the unnecessary waste of my time, deleting those useless comments. I normally get my feedback in my personal inbox that keeps me inspired to write more. During my recent trip to Spain this year, one Spanish woman married to Indian, came up personally to thank me for starting a food blog. She said that her hubby loved the food that she makes following my recipes.
That is the my most satisfying reward.
As more people enter the blogging world, it is gaining momentum and getting recognition too.
There is always somebody reading your blog and analyzing it and surprisingly, now there are awards for blogging too!!.

The first ever award for food blogging was held at J W Marriott in Mumbai. I am amazed at the effort the jury had taken to go through more than 700 blogs across various categories such as food blogging on travel and story telling, baking, creativity, photography, regional, etc. 
It is not an easy task.
My sincere thanks to Sameer Malkani, co-founder of Food Bloggers Association of India for organizing such a great event and bringing all the food bloggers under one roof.
There are many blogs that I follow and was pleased to see some of my food-blogger friends as winners accepting the awards

My sincere congratulations and best wishes to a good friend Alka Keswani for winning an award in 'Regional Categories' for her ‘Sindhi Cuisine’
 I was happy to see my food blogger friend Kalyan Kamrakar of Finely Chopped accept an award in ‘Food Culinary and Travel’ category
I do follow many facebook food blogs too and was happy to see Pet Pujari and Bukkad as winners.
Pet Pujaris won the ‘Group Blog Award’ while The Big Bhookad won an award for being the best blog in the "Restaurant Review" category.
Just blogging on a facebook also gain recognition. Sandeep Shreedharan proved it by winning in ‘facebook blog’ category
Some of the blogs have personal stories attached to their recipes and this becomes interesting to read. Was happy that ‘The Best Writing and Story Telling Award’ go to  Charis B  of Culinary Storm fame. 
The award was not limited to Mumbai bloggers only, it was awarded to Indian bloggers around the world.
There was one winner from USA too
When Farrukh Shadab of 'Cubes and Juliennes' from Delhi won the award for ''The Best Recipe Blog', my friend was so excited that she immediately sent him the message congratulating him.
The event was well organized and partially hosted by Sarnash Golia who kept us in splits with his humor.

Since it was a food bloggers event, the food served before and after the event was excellent.

The party continued till late night, with bloggers interacting with each other, clicking pictures and cementing the ties that revolve around……What else? But Food!!!

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