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Friday, September 20, 2013

Hot Dog Round The Corner

When travelling, it’s important to try local food and most importantly to try the street food because true essence of local food can be found in the street food.

I had my first tryst with street food was when I visited Bangkok for the first time. The air smelt of seafood and the food was very spicy and tasty. I have never forgotten that taste.

It’s my habit to try street food in every city that I visit. It could be a simple stir fries or more complicated sandwiches, or some weird dishes, but try I must. Every country has its own variety of street food.

Here in Canary Islands, most of the street food you will find at the Sunday market. On regular days, you will find near the city plaza, near the beach or closer to the church. People enjoy churro chocolate, a favorite street food and I had blog about this earlier.

Street food in Canary Islands is clean and sold in kiosk or in a vehicle. Last week I tried a hot dog by the beach at Garachico.

Now hot dog is the international dish, found in almost every country in the world. The basic method of cooking the hot dog is same. You put the hot dog in a saucepan, put little cold water and cook till it begins to boil, then let it stand for five minutes and you are ready to grill. What is different from country to country is the topping you get. While under Mexican influence you might get mango salsa and avocados, or under British spin you might get gravy infused spoonful of mashed potatoes but I kind of liked the topping at this place in Tenerife.

The couple was happy to share their recipe.

Hot dogs with the topping of mustard sauce, chili sauce and mayonnaise, a salad leaf, tomato and deep-fried onions and potato chips

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