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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beer Tales

I don’t like beer. 

Actually speaking, I don’t like any drinks, neither hard nor soft, but I do take it sometimes when I am in the company of friends and don’t wish to be fussed over.

I have never developed a taste for beer. 

Last year when I was advised to take a can of beer everyday to flush out the kidney stones, I took it as a medicine but could never relish it. I found it very bitter and I had lost my appetite. After having 5 cans for 5 days, I gave up and have never sipped it again

Until today

I was in the supermarket and the girl stood in front of me, offering me a new brand of beer that contains lime.

I was impressed with the Tee shirt that she wore, with the message in Spanish “TRY.. A different combination” it also had a graphic of ‘beer + lime’ over the message. A company that wants to promote their product goes to the extend of personalizing the teeshirt of a sales girl. Impressive!

She was a sweet girl who went around the supermarket, offering a tiny glass for taste. What was even more surprising was that many people politely refused to taste. It was free yet only those, who were curious about its taste, accepted her offer. I have always been offended with people who grab every product for tasting even when they don't like it.

I accepted little for tasting. It tasted very good with lime overpowering the bitter taste of beer. Sweet and sour, it made good combination. I was tempted to buy a bottle…but no.. like I said earlier….I don’t like beer.

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