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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hospital Food Needs Improvement

Menu of the day: 4 bread slices, mixed vegetables, lentils, ridge gourd curry.

There are many food related programs on TV nowadays and of course we all love the reality food show called ‘MasterChef.’ of Australia and India. Maybe they could have one episode where the contestants are asked to cook nutritious food for hospitals.

We have many talented cooks in our country but still the food served in hospitals is not up to its mark. The vegetables look limp, the dhals un-appetizing and the rotis  dried and hard. They tell me that the hospital food has to be nutritious but shouldn’t it be tasty too? One glance at the food and my hunger disappears I would rather starve than eat such food which is cooked so carelessly. A good nutritious hospital food could have salad of boiled vegetables, cheese, curd, fresh juice, brown bread, etc.

I am not sure if any hospital employs chefs. There are dieticians who do their rounds asking patients for their feedback but I am not sure that any changes are made to improve the taste.

The hospital where I am spending few days does not allow home cooked food. My family sometimes smuggles home-cooked food for me. I eat that food like a thief, hiding the egg sandwich after every bite. But those are rare times, most of the time I just choke on tasteless food

Hospitals should have chefs who care about the patient’s needs. Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables can be purchased directly from farmers. There should be more local, organic and sustainable food.

The patients in the hospital are in pain and grumpy, a tasty food would surely pep them up. Isn’t it?


AJ said...

Having spent almost 2 months in hospitals this year, I totally agree with what you have to say. I would rather be on drips than have that food. Hope you are better soon. *hugs*

Pinksocks said...

Well even the patients dont get anything exciting. :(

Trish said...

Aww Pushpa This reminded me of my hospital stay 1 year or so back,when I delivered my second.The food -omg- the portions were so little .. my then 4 yo could finish it all by herself.Hubby used to bring sandwiches and pastries from the cafetaria downstairs,for me to eat as dinner..but through out the day,I had to manage with cups of milo.
hope you are better now!

The knife said...

this is such a relevant need tasty food when you are down

why are you in the hospital? Hope you are back home soon


Simran said...

That food would make any sort of appetite go away :( Seriously they should have a chef for hospitals too. OR at least allow home cooked food for patients!!

Aparna said...

That plate looks scary, poor you :(. I do remember the occasional place like Fortis that actually had a dietician who planned the food according to your ailment/surgery, and the food was somewhat palatable too.

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